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NCAA Appalachian State Wrestler talks about mental toughness and his experience working with Chris Villani Performance Strategist.
"Adversity means I am on the right path"

- Vito Pasone, NCAA Wrestler

A wrestlers secret weapon

We took my son Christian to Chris because although he had been wrestling since a very young age and had been very successful, his performance was declining significantly. At first I believed that he had lost interest or didn’t want to put in the work anymore but then determined that he was struggling because he doubted his own skills and ability. Although his average match time had previously been between 30 seconds to one minute resulting in him winning by pin, he had gotten to the point that he could not even perform simple techniques effectively.

I chose Chris because, after speaking with him by phone, I could feel his passion for his clients and his determination to help to bring out the best in them. He also showed concern for my son’s success in all areas of life besides just wrestling! His willingness to work with us on our busy schedule and to stay in constant contact with my son by making himself available by phone/text, immediately set him apart from others that I had consulted with. I realized from the first time that I spoke with him that he is truly there for my son!

Chris has worked hard with my son using several easy techniques that have completely changed the way Christian approaches wrestling and we have seen more success than I even thought possible! We began working with Chris during the off season and I noticed immediate improvement after the first session. As we continued to work with Chris, each day my son reached new heights in his training! He is a completely re-energized athlete and we can’t wait to see his performance during competition! His coaches have noticed a major change and constantly ask “What Happened?” We just smile because in our minds, Chris is our secret weapon!

Christian has found a new love for wrestling and we anticipate great success in Middle School and far beyond and it is all because of the time, effort, and passion that Chris has put into working with him.


I would definitely recommend Chris Villani to anyone who wants to achieve success in any area of their personal or professional life!!!

- William, Wrestling Dad

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A Business Professional Takes Back Control


I met with Chris for help in breaking a habit that for years I hadn’t been able to overcome. I was excited that Chris was in Cornelius because I love supporting locals. He immediately put me at ease and guided me to focus on things in my life that make me feel great and positive; (a.k.a. what I need to think of instead of defaulting to my habit when anxiety creeps in). I scheduled a second session because I needed a little reinforcement and found myself with a heighted level of positivity; so much that it was contagious and friends took notice.


As a result, my bad habit took a back seat to a new found enjoyment of strength training, which translated into improving both my physical and mental strength. From a girl who thought she had an uncanny ability NOT to sweat, it was an amazing discovery. Working with Chris led me to this. To this day, I can still hear Chris in my head saying, “You Got This.” He’s right and I’m glad to know it, hear it and feel it.

Thank you,

- Chris M. Freelance Copywriter, Cornelius NC

A Father of  a college bound athlete shares his son's amazing transformation


My son was having trouble concentrating on the soccer field and lost his confidence and the belief in himself he had in the past.


I chose Chris initially because of his website and testimonials on the site. I saw the belief and trust his clients displayed in their testimonial and the overall results they have achieved. 


Chris met with my family on the first visit for about  ten minutes and then a one on one session with my son for about an hour or so the same day. Eli had one session with Chris with awesome results.


Since our first meeting my son has his confidence back and his self esteem is back to where it needs to be not only on the soccer pitch but in all aspects of his life. As a college bound athlete this was a great investment in his future. 


Chris is a great guy that invest himself 100 % in to his clients, he has been ready for any questions we may have and really genuinely interested what is being achieved by his clients , he and my son text or talk after every game and we could not ask for better support from anyone anywhere.


Thank you,

-  Jim Goodman, Charlotte NC

A Business Professional and Athlete Overcomes Anxiety


I love Chris’s spirit and trust him fully with his knowledge in helping me overcome my anxiety during my long distance races with running and paddle boarding. The races have become more enjoyable in changing my thought process and truly taking in the whole experience. 


Thank you,

 - Jennifer K. Mortgage Professional, Huntersville NC